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Wooded Green, Pocono Summit, PA

48 Acres | $60 a Day


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Property Includes

Pressured Land
Water Source
Hardwood and Softwood Trees
All Reservations Include : Land Insurance | Hunter Insurance | Up to 3 Guests | All Legal Game Permitted

About This Property:

This 48-acre plot located in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania is deeply wooded with both softwood and hardwood trees amongst other greenery. During the hours Fellow Hunter explored the property we found multiple deer droppings, some of which were fresh. We also found a tree rubs and remains from a deceased deer.

The land is pressured by the surrounding area and packs the deer in. A a slow-moving stream on property winds through the property and onto the adjacent property, which is undeveloped land. Just across the street from from the property is a sizable lake.