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Lush Farm Land, New Columbia, PA

22 Acres | $60 a Day


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Agricultural Land
Water Source
Food Source
All Reservations Include : Land Insurance | Hunter Insurance | Up to 3 Guests | All Legal Game Permitted

About This Property:

Fellow Hunter toured this property to capture images of this beautiful 22 acre plot of land. It’s packed with multiple food and water sources that deer love. Some of the food sources which are right on the property include various fruited trees like apple trees, pear trees, chestnut trees, walnut trees, and other trees that grow small berries. The landowner grows an assortment of fruits and vegetables in his personal garden behind his home which is covered in deer tracks. The neighboring property grows corn and soybeans which deer also enjoy. There is a pond on the property which attracts waterfowl and behind it you’ll find a small stream that runs throughout the deeply wooded area that deer are spotted drinking from.

The neighbor’s corn is not only a favorite food source source for deer, but also an easy demarcation of the property line. A quiet road runs through the property with deer trails on both sides of the street. This property would be great for archery hunting due to the shape of the property.