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23 Acres Overlooking Poconos (Available September)

Kunkletown, Pa | $50

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Agricultural Land Nearby
Water Source Nearby
Ridge On Property
23 Acres

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Land Insurance
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Up to 3 Guests
All Legal Game Permitted

About This Property (Available For Booking September 2017):

This property is tucked away in the hills of the Poconos. The property is broken up into two adjacent plots. The property is filled with trees. While there is no agricultural land on the property, it is surrounded on all sides by agricultural land. This property does not have a water source but a creek does run nearby the property. The land is on a ridge creating less than a half mile climb in.

Fellow Hunter Tips:

A potentially steep climb in, but at least it's not a half mile.
If possible I'd be tempted to park down the road to avoid slamming a car door 75 yards from where I'm hunting.
Deer may bed and mill around in this area during daylight making it a potentially better morning spot as deer possibly come back from feeding to the north.
Be careful if hunting evenings. If deer bed here there is a chance just spooking them out if you walk in too far and they're lying down.
The the rut could be decent as deer potentially travel the sides of the ridge.
For stand sites look for ( 1 ) the thickest areas (bedding) ( 2 ) obvious trails maybe rub lines ( 3 ) benches along the ridge, and ( 4 ) Ways to get in without creating a long meandering trail to the stand which will stink up - and potentially reduce traffic on the place.
Keep the stand safely back from a trail, say 20 yards, and try to avoid walking across or right along too many trails. It's tempting to use their trails but that's a bad idea.