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Forested Hunting Hills, East Stroudsburg, PA

10 Acres | $75 a Day


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Location: East Stroudsburg PA, Hunting Zone 3D


Property Includes

Hardwood and Softwood
Water Source
Food Source
Deer Spotted
Bear Spotted
Turkey Spotted
Pre-Season Corn Feeding
All Reservations Include : Land Insurance | Hunter Insurance | Up to 3 Guests | All Legal Game Permitted

About This Property:

This steep-hilled 10 acre property may not be the biggest property that Fellow Hunter has to offer but it has many perks that make it some very desirable hunting land (and one of our favorites). We toured the property on October 7th, 2017 to take photos the landowner mentioned he had seen a 10 pointer just four days before and about 10 turkey a few days before that. He's also seen an 8 pointer in the past weeks as well as a black bear bathing in his pond. Not to mentention a group of 13 deer were spotted together just days before we arrived. We're not surprised as the owner has been laying feed in the woods prior to hunting season starting.

The owner has four tree stands set up in the trees that hunters have permission to use and are located at the top of a steep hill that gives a good advantage point of overlooking the land below it to spot game. (Use these treestands at your own risk. Fellow Hunter ALWAYS strongly suggests you use your own equipment.) One of the tree stands is a double for two people to sit in.

The property is made up of mostly deciduous trees and littered with acorns and walnuts and features a man-made pond, an apple tree, and is surrounded by 100 acres of undeveloped land. The road show in the images is not public so you can hunt across it.

The owners home rests in between the two major hunting areas - which the hunter will have to be mindful of when hunting.

When you book, you'll recieve and email with all of the details and logistics for the property.