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Beautiful Poconos Woods, Kresgeville, PA

95 Acres | $85 a Day


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Location: Kresgeville, PA, Hunting Zone 3D


Property Includes

Hardwood and Softwood Trees
Water Source
Food Source
Deer Spotted
Bear Spotted
All Reservations Include : Land Insurance | Hunter Insurance | Up to 3 Guests | All Legal Game Permitted

About This Property:

Fellow Hunter toured this huge property on September 25th, 2017 and found a lot of evidence of deer living here. Deer tracks and deer paths are all over the forest floor. Deer are often spotted roaming the property and a black bear was spotted days before we arrived. The land is completely undeveloped with the exception of the corn field shown in these images. There are both hardwood and softwood trees throughout the property that provides complete cover of majority of the land. The border line dividing this property from the neighboring property is a creek which adds another water source in addition to the few small swampy pond areas.

When you book, you'll recieve and email with all of the details and logistics for the property.